Mult-Spindle Drilling Heads for Drilling and Tapping

Multiple Spindle Drilling Heads are designed for use with most drilling machines. Our Drill Heads drill countersink, ream or tap two or more holes in a single operation to double or triple production operations. Our Multi-Spindle Drill Heads are designed to drill or tap two or more close spaced holes simultaneously. We can convert an unproductive single spindle drill press to a versatile multiple drilling machine


Adjustable Twin Spindle Drilling Heads

Our adjustable and fixed style multispindle drill heads are provided with adapters to fit manual, automatic and fixture type drilling equipment.   These Multi-Spindle Drill Heads are built for industrial production operations.   Provide some basic dimensions, by submitting your information with our Application Sheet, for a prompt quotation.  Adjustable Multiple Spindle Heads for drilling and tapping are usually stock items.  Adapters are machined in about two weeks.  Multi-Spindle Drill heads are sometimes referred to as cluster drills or gang drills.

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